Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knitted WIPS

WIP is short hand for Works in Progress, often used by writers. Knitters and Quilters often refer to such things as U.F.Os (Un-Finished Objects).

Ysabeau expressed interest in seeing other stuff I've been working on, so this post is for you, Ysabeau :-} And Yes, I am certain you could make the mystical scarf, all you need to know is how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. I highly recommend the site for any new or soon to be knitters out there.

The first image is my current 'big/complex' project. I'm knitting "Mrs. Weasley's Bag of Stitch Witchery' from 'Charmed knits' It uses relatively small needles (#5s) and is good to work on until my hands get a little twitchy. Then it's great to switch to a smaller project with larger needles, for Warm Woolies or another charity. The other two images are of a set of mittens (with hat still in progress) and a finished hat I based on the pattern Coronet from


Lynx said...

LOVE the adaptation of the hat pattern! the stitch witchery bag is awesome, looking forward to seeing the finished product. you are brave to share, the UFOs. Now they have a karmic geas to be finished....

Ysabeau said...

Thank you for posting for me! I love seeing what you have been doing, and that complex bag looks like fun - when it's done, I want to see a picture of it! I love the wild knitted sweaters Mrs. Weasley wears in the movies, they are just so full of character. You could almost re-create the whole person, just from looking at one of those wild sweaters.