Sunday, April 01, 2007


I just saw a wonderful film, called Amelie. It stars Audrey Tautou (also in the DaVinci Code).
I don't usually watch subtitled films these days, as I often am computing or knitting at the same time as I watch tv, but this one caught me. In simple terms its a classic story of lonely people finding love, but it takes off from there with just enough charming oddity to totally captivate. You not only pull for the main two main people, but every character (with the exception of the mean green grocer) . I couldn't look away, and not because of the subtitles. There were many subtle jewels of moments sprinkled throughout, all woven seamlessly into the storyline. Its a movie I think I'll watch many times, always finding something new.

Here's a review from

The entire theatre fell utterly, utterly silent during this flick's climax -- as well it should have. The audience was completely, perfectly immersed, and this is indicative of the film's general character. It has a magnetic pull that strikes a chord with one's inner child -- that is, the clever, thoughtful, mischievous, imaginative inner child. If you haven't yet seen it, read no further -- due to its spontaneous nature, foreknowledge will be distracting and possibly taint the film's whimsical music-box charm, and this piece is one that should be devoured and savored to the fullest. Alright, that's laying it on a bit thick, ne? But... but... watch the damned movie and you'll see what I mean. I haven't spent $7.50 quite so well in a very long time.

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brandilion said...

Amelie is one of my favorites. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.