Friday, February 09, 2007

Medicine Soup

My flu/cold reared up again, the fever and sneezy/wheezy came back (but no cough!! Blessed be!)
But I whipped up a batch of my medicine soup to eat today. It always helps.

I don't have measurements, because when I am sick, I am muzzy-headed and would mess them up anyway. Mostly, add as much as you can stand of the garlic/ginger/chili and the rest is to taste :-}

pour a carton of good chicken stock into the pot (We use Kitchen Basics)
Add some freshly grated ginger, pre-minced garlic, garlic chili paste, and lemon juice to it.

Make Rivles
about a cup of flour
1-2 eggs
2-3TBS oil or melted butter
about 1/2 tsp salt
a bunch of dried parsley (parsley is great for stopping post nasal drip)
some freshly ground black pepper

mix it all up and drop in small pieces into the boiling liquid. When they float to the top, its ready.
You can't leave out the oil. the oil is essential for drawing some of the virtue from the aromatics so it can help your body.

You can also adjust this to include any other herb or spice efficacious for your cold:
For example, in Ayervedic medicine, Cardamom and cinnamon are also good for colds.

We're not talking fine dining here, we're talking medicine food.

(image, one of my Calendula from the garden a few years ago)

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