Sunday, February 11, 2007


This time of year I'm usually poring over seed catalogues, deciding what to add to my garden.
I used to love the Richter's herb catalog, and Seeds of Change.
Since I gave up on gardening as I used to, I didn't even think of buying new seeds, and have been tossing the catalogues as soon as they arrive in the mail.
I would have expected to find this depressing, but it doesn't seem to be. I think the garden I have is too much for me already. I put 7 beds in when we moved here, then the arthritis got worse.
I AM looking forward to the spring, when we first see crocus noses poking up. And when spring hits, I will likely get the itch in my fingers only soothed by immersion in dirt, but it seems freeing to let the garden go its own way. Making a virtue of necessity, I guess.
Last year, I lay down right on the ground and weeded the front flower bed. That was kind of fun but it wiped me out for a few days. I may do more of that this year. I'm feeling stronger, maybe I can do a little more 'prone' gardening. I won't try to get to all the beds.
Maybe just the roses and peaonies, a little bit a day for a week. Then put down a weed blocking mulch (or ask Oscar to do the mulching for me)
Maybe can be a dangerous word.

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