Sunday, February 25, 2007

Creating my own reality today

With a few hiccups here and there, I mostly like to know what's really going on. Not today. Its the last full weekend in February. I want it to be spring. I live in Michigan. The view from my windows is FAR from Spring today.
So here, now, I'm pretending with all my heart the sun is warm, the yard is green, the birds they sing, all those bulbs I planted a few years back are bursting with color, the roses and whatall are blooming their heads off.
Feel free to join in.


Jan b. said...

YES!! This is fantastic. Thank you so much for the beautiful reminders that spring and summer will eventually arrive, even here in frozen-over Michigan!

Ysabeau said...

Thank you for sharing, we don't get so many bulbs down here, and I always enjoy your photos! In fact, I often save them so I can look at them often as inspiration for painting. B*B, Ysabeau