Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Knittings, cold fighting and onion Syrup

I am working on a pattern for cabled wristwarmers. I will be redoing them as there are some design elements slightly off, but the first pic is of the first draft, in LynnH's Peony Rainbow Sky colorway (cushy colorsport DK weight).

I am also making a Cozy shawl from a design Lynn is working on, for my friend Nickers (as we called her a few decades ago) :- } I've included an image of the yarn choices, as well as a closeup of the fabric in progress.
Lynn gifted me with much of the yarn in payment for knitting for her, and she also gave me a surprise gift of a Yarn Swift! Hurray!!! It is so much easier to wind balls from skeins, and the cat's are highly in favor of this new entertainment I'm putting on for them. (picture three cats, heads swiveling back and forth in unison)
A cold finally caught me, and its moved past the initial fever and aches into bronchitis. If my cough gets worse, I'll haul out my old native american recipe for cough syrup. Onion juice and honey.. not at all a good taste but it really helps loosen your chest.


Lynx said...

Lovely!!! But, how do you keep the furkins from attacking the traveling yarn as you wind? My little furballs (including my dog-that-thinks-she's-a-cat) jump on the yarn whether it's moving or sitting still... they would have a ball (pun intended) with the sidewinder! If you ever decide to give up yarns, you can always use it for a kitty-gym... snark giggle.

Lynx said...

One more note: the wrist warmer you show happens to be a perfect match, both color and style, to the scarf I am trying to get finished before it gets any colder out. Hint hint....
And to think I was considering frogging the scarf! No way, now. Will get the stinker done come Hades or High Water now!!! (Yeah, I did post a pic on the blog of the scarf-in-progress, not the best but hey, I try!)