Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunshine Friday, dimSun Day

Ok, we won't really be eating Chinese dumplings but I couldn't resist the pun. Like my husband, I am an invertebrate punster (spinelessly unable to resist a pun).
Friday was fabulous. A dear friend of ours had been ill since October, but was returning to perform with The Yellow Room Gang. We discovered this on Wednesday (from Jim Bizer's email list). Oscar arranged a day off, and we made a lovely evening of it. Parking in Ann Arbor, especially handicap parking is problematic, but we found a solution. We left home at 5:15, found parking only a block away, and had a long leisurely dinner at Connor's Pub a few doors down from the concert venue (The Ark). We ALWAYS love Yellow Room Gang performances, but Friday's was very special. For one thing, we got to hug David and see that he really was mending.
Today is very grey. But we will be meeting Lynnie for supper, and that brightens the entire day for us. I am so very blessed she is in my life. Today she referred to me as her Sister in love, and I have to agree, its how I feel about her, too :-} I'm not afraid to seem soppy, I AM soppy. if soppy means celebrating having people I love in my life.

Images: Partial image of the Yellow Room Gang Cd (from their site linked above), Image of Lynn as Eudora

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