Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wool Wallowing

Oh I had such a lovely day!
Oscar and I drove up to meet Lynnie in Lansing today. We met at Thread Bear. I was wise and arrived only an hour before closing so I didn't have time to get into TOO much trouble. Actually I did pretty well! Out of all the yarn I bought, only one kind was for me, three kinds were for Oscar (for soft warm bed socks) and two kinds were for scarves in thanks to Jim and Sharon who helped me find Kit (who wasn't actually missing as it turned out, read blog a few weeks ago if you want details). You can see a photo of the yarn selected below. I guess I was in a blue mood :-}
The shop was an utter delight. The owners (Rob and Matt) approached me individually to ask if I'd noticed any difficult spots to navigate in my wheelchair, stressing it was a priority for them that their shop be completely accessible. Honestly, I found only one minor place where I had any difficulty at all and it was easy to circumnavigate and get where I wanted to go anyway. It was a joy.
After the wool wallowing, Lynnie took us to a Japanese restaurant, San Su, where I indulged my taste for Age Dashi Tofu and Uni Sushi... Yum!
We had a wonderful time talking yarn and pattern and class business, and Oscar patiently
On the drive home, Oscar and I had a nice long chat about all sorts of things... Lovely.

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Rob said...

Your "Mossy Rock" scarf is simply stunning, Diana! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of it. I do love that new DiVe Autunno yarn. You've done a great job of working with the color and the stitch pattern.

Thanks for the high praise on the shop. It was a joy to meet you and your hub in person--Lynnie thinks SO highly of you both and speaks of you frequently!

Be well, and thanks for coming by the shop.