Friday, November 03, 2006


I received a shipment of yarn yesterday. That sounds like a few gross plopped on my doorstep, but what I mean is 3 skeins of yarn I ordered from FUZZY MABLE arrived. I had only ordered them a few days before! This happened the last time I ordered from her site too. INCREDIBLY swift shipment. The order came packaged in a lovely snap-top clear plastic bag, wrapped in beautiful purple tissue paper. She also sent a personal note. This is great customer service.
The white and green are a mohair-wool blend that feels silky soft. They are intended for a scarf for Mick, who helped me get my van. The beautiful dee purpleblue yarn in the middle is called 'Tropical Storm" and glows even more in person. Its supersock superwash merino yarn, and I can hardly wait to knit it for my toes!

Speaking of beautiful yarns, although her shopping cart is not yet up and running 100%, My sis in law Lynn of Color Joy has more of her GORGEOUS hand dyed yarn ready! Just go to her weblog link HERE and contact her directly if you love what you see. I've also added a pic of her yarn so you can see what gorgeousness I'm talking about! Just cick the link above for details on how some of that gorgeousness could be yours!


Lynx said...

Mmmm, pretty colors. Very good for the SAD, those pretty sock yarns... expect a posted pic of the scarf when it is done! I wish I had gotten a photo of the scarf I knitted last year for someone, it was black with hot pink accents, and a pompom on each end. Turned out extremely nice, but no proof. Whine. Gotta get a digital camera someday.... yeah, right.

Ysabeau said...

Yummy, yummy yarn! soooo much fun to work with hand dyes, too, of course. I'm up feeling icky, right now, and wearing my sockies, and re-teaching myself to make hairpin lace for scarves, and I went and looked at the eye-candy yarns. B*B, Ysabeau