Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Knitlings

-Wow, I've been knitting a lot this past two weeks! Below find images of a green/blue striped shawl for Ysabeau, a turquoise blue and pink shawl I made for me, and Mick's green and white scarf (a wool mohair blend and silky soft and WARM.)
-I LOVE how Ysabeau's shawl came out! I started with that Sheeps Hug Pattern I posted about a few days ago, but used thicker yarn and bigger needles, then added my own edging (a 2x rib)
-Ysabeau's shawl ends in a diamond on the back. Mine is straight across the back and divided into two triangles in front for wrapping. VERY cozy and warm.
-Yseabeau's is made from a double strand of sock yarn (the dark bluegreen) some lovely cushy wool (the variegated light green), some thick-thin deep teal varigated wool and some wool and silk yarn left from David's hug. Yummy.
-My shawl is made from silky wool (dark blue, teal and pink) and carry alongs of silk, alpaca and mohair (the turquoise variegated silk/alpaca, and dark/purple skinny mohair, as well as the wool-silk blend iI used for Jacqui's shawl) It is lovely to put around my shoulders without being too long for convenience.


Ysabeau said...

For ME! (screaming like bobby soxer watching Beatles!!!) It is gorgeous, will go with half my wardrobe, no kidding, did the yarn say "just for Ysabeau" on it? Thank you, thank you, ooooh, have I got an idea... Hugs, Ysabeau

LynnH said...

You are doing such a great job of combining yarns/colors/textures! Very ColorJoy, if you ask me, but very Diana as well. Wonderful job!

Ysabeau said...

I just got my shawl!!!!! I absolutely love it, the picture doesn't do it justice! It's even softer, drapier, and smooshier than it looks. I'll wear it frontwards, backwards, and it's long enough I can do creative things like wrap it and tuck it. Yay! B*B, Ysabeau