Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pampering and second thoughts

What was I thinking? Driving during the worst shopping day of the year? I totally forgot this weekend was Thanksgiving! The only difference to us is Oscar is working a 12 hour day today, as its a great opportunity for overtime. We'll go out for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday instead. Maybe I'll drive us ot a very nearby restaurant for that. NO driving Saturday morning, but maybe some driving on Monday.

Because he had such a tough day scheduled, I pampered him this morning. I drew part of his bath to get the room all steamy and warm, made him two home-made healthy English muffin breakfast sandwiches, some fluffy Key Lime dessert to take with him to work, brought him a full glass of orange juice to drink in the tub, and warmed his towel in the dryer before he used it. Simple enough, but he sure appreciated my efforts. Only fair, since I appreciate him. :-}

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Lynx said...

Lucky man, and lucky woman to have found each other! I am so happy that you finally found a decent man (now can you PLEEEZE work on the cloning?!?!?)