Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another small adventure

I am am making progress in becoming more mobile. Today I traveled to two destinations in the van, and accomplished 3 difficult parking maneuvers.
My goals are to attend the Kerry Town Wednesday night Knit/Crochet meeting, and to go swimming in the Rec Center. Kerrytown is in a difficult driving place, (Ann Arbor... loads of jaywalkers, confusing one-way street set up, and it will be night driving) The Rec Center isn't as bad, but still about twice as far as I've driven wiith the hand controls before.
My timeline is to go swimming next week, and attend the Kerrytown meeting the week after.

Today I did EXCELLENTLY. No false stops and starts, I hit the accelerator smoothly, and the brake sharply, and didn't confuse the two even once. (Brake is push forward, accelerate is push down). Now that I have the arm of the driver's seat down, I no longer slide to the right when turning left. This is a good thing, as the slide turns a braking maneuver into an accelerating maneuver, scary for other vehicles.

I'll drive again on Saturday during the day, Sunday during the night, and all the way to Kerrytown (if I can) on Monday evening. Maybe I'll make it to NEXT week's knit meeting instead of two weeks from now, who knows?

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