Monday, October 30, 2006

Up Up and Away!

Up Up and Away in my beautiful Chevy Van!
The hand controls and motorized seat are safely installed, and the van arrived in the driveway on Saturday (thanks to our friend Mick).
I'm starting small, those hand controls can be tricky. It is possible to brake and accelerate simultaneously. This means I can still peel rubber should the occasion seem appropriate, but it makes for a hairy ride should someone pull out unexpectedly and you push down (accelerate) instead of away (braking). I practiced for about half an hour in the library parking lot before driving on the road. I took Oscar to supper :-}
I'll drive again on Wednesday. I want to see how my stomach muscles respond before driving too far.
Anyway, I can go do stuff again!!!!!


Lynx said...

AWESOME!!!Freedom is such a wonderful thing! Hope the driving doesn't wear you out too much, I can imagine how excited you are! (Just be extra-extra careful when the Goddess's Dandruff starts falling.... hard enough driving the "normal" way then.) The good news is that once you get used to it, it will become second nature very quickly. Trust me, I have a friend in a chair who drives her van with hand controls, and she goes EVERYWHERE (gas prices permitting)... I am so happy for you!!!!! YAY DiTro!!!(F/k/a DiMi)..

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana! So glad you are able to drive again. I'm curious what hand controls you have. I know some can be very touchy about stop/go, especially if the 'stop' isn't installed correctly. That brake/gas feature is wonderful on hills. Good luck and happy driving.