Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Toes Ensemble

Michigan winters tend to be grey most days. Oscar and I both have S.A.D., so this is not something we take for granted. I'm planning a post full of tips to help with this stuff, but for now I wanted to show you one of the tools in my arsenal. Rae of Rae's Yarn Boutique sent me some 'Socks that Rock' yarn as a thank you for knitting something for her. The colors were so bright that just petting the yarn made me feel more cheerful, so I decided to make a pair of socks from Lynn's Colorjoy First Time toe-up sock pattern adjusted for my odd feet to wear during gloomy Michigan days.
Then I decided to make a pair of wristwarmers, as my wrists are MUCH closer to my eyes :-} I used Lynn's knit to fit wristwarmer design, adapted for my chunky thumb pads.
Then I had yarn left and I wanted to make more modular-knit triangles and I was playing with an idea of a hat with just the top in triangles, the rest knit in stockinette... so the rest of the yarn went for that. The hat is edged with yarn as soft as a baby alpaca's butt... And you know something? It really does cheer me up to wear them.
If I wear ONLY my happy toes ensemble, it cheers up Oscar no end too. ;-}


Ysabeau said...

Lol! I'll just bet it does, and good for you both! Now, THAT is colorful yarn - I wonder if you have any quilting fabrics in those colors, to make a little lap quiltie? Then you could be a surprise package and Oscar could unwrap you.... ooooh, sorry, just a good thought! B*B, Ysabeau

Lynx said...

Nice to know that ONE of us isn't too old to enjoy the Fruits of Aphrodite!
That yarn is awesome, definitely Socks That Rocks colors! And I bet soft is an understatement... I can't wait to see your next creation, they cheer me up just seeing the pictures. Sometimes even inspire me to get my lazy astersisk off the computer and crochet something myself! LOL
I might have some fabric in those colors, if I do would you like me to make you a gift-wrap quilt? ;-}