Friday, August 18, 2006

Odd series of events

Something interesting in the cosmos perhaps?
Oscar worked beaucoup overtime, resulting in a monster paycheck a few weeks ago, we used it for paying off some bill stuff.
Then he got not one, buttTwo different interviews for two jobs.
Then I got a notice that I owe $13,000 in school loans. (I thought they were taken care of.. whoops) then the next day, the mail comes and we get an unexpected rebate from sears ($23) and an unexpected tax return from 2003 for $566.. So yesterday we bought some computer gear we'd been wanting (an external hard drive, wireless mouse for my lap top, stuff like that) Today, we found out that Oscar worked such monster overtime that he had a huge check this time too, and we got notification that my ssd has been denied.
I'm ok with that, really. Last week I decided I needed to leave it up to the Universe, and whichever decision came about, I had to trust would be the best. The main effect is that we won't have that windfall for seed money for a new home. But on the up side I am free and clear to become rich and famous without the gov't taking away any ssd ;-}
We had already committed to paying off our debts one at a time, and building up savings, we are even more committed to that now.
I will still do ebay, and if that's not really enough to live on, it definately helps out the household funds, and is great for adding to savings.

Everything will be ok, and I have a huge relief that I know the outcome.

I am also happy that I started getting out of the house a few weeks ago, because that trend is in existence. Getting denied might have made me a bit more depressed and caused me to pull further back into my hole if it had happened before I started traveling again.

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