Friday, July 07, 2006


I have a doc appointment today, with the rheumatologist who says I don't have fibro but prescribed relafen.
I ran out of relafen more than a week ago, and the doc says I need an appointment before he'll write another 'scrip. Its been a long painful week.

So, he's a nice guy, but I really hate going to the doctor. I always feel as if they won't really understand that I have a high level of pain, because my manner disguises it most of the time. Its worse because he's already said I don't have fibro (but neglected to give me any other explanation for the muscular pain and symptoms)

(caution, may be TMI in next paragraph)

And I guess because I haven't had enough positive experiences with the medical community to offset the bastards who butchered my stomach back when they did both a hysterectomy AND a gall bladder surgery with the same long incision, then didn't warn me about hernias.

anyway, I'm nervous. My appointment is in 2 hours.

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