Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another turning point..

Another turning point in the year. We've passed Summer Solstice and thoughts are more toward preserving summer for the cold days of winter.
Good friends might be moving away, so we hope to spend time with them on the 4th, to strengthen connections.
The yard is hopeless. I will do my best to weedwhack what I can, but the weeds will have a 'field day' *snicker* until I can clear them enough to mulch, or have someone else mulch. Or maybe get a goat. We are in the township, and I think Kitsu Dog would be highly amused. The goat would likely eat what I didn't want her to, though. There is harvesting to be done, but I'll save commentary on that for the Green Tendril blog.
Another good thing about desert living.. no weeds to speak of. And as we are conservasionists, no lawn to mow. Container gardening would be very doable!
Another turning point, Oscar has the opportunity to change jobs within his company, and we are SO hoping for that change! There is always stress, but the stress in the new position is both less, and of different emphasis. He would SO love this job!
I am past the worst of the heavy ebay week, but I am feeling the efects in energy level and pain level. I am very grateful for the money though, it will help get that new recliner, and pay off some bills.
This will be a low level ebay week coming up.
I enjoy ebay to some extent, I especially love shipping items overseas. This week, we have books heading to the Shetland Islands and Germany as well as Canada, New Zealand Austria and Australia. We've had inquiries about shipment to Taiwan and Argentina as well.
I enjoy thinking about where the books are heading as I package the auctions up.
Having lived overseas for a time (about 3 years in Japan) I like to imagine myself heading off with the books :-}
I wish the SSD money would arrive. Talk about a turning point!

Images: Young Grape Leaves, and a fountain. Both from House Bonsai where we'll be spending time on the 4th.

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