Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Word Play E is for.....

Energy : as the sun's presence grows stronger, my energy levels go up, which makes it easy to overdo, but I have such a great time doing stuff!

Eloquence: Looking for some. I love to write, but sometimes I get in my own way, and the flow dries up. It took me two days to write two paragraphs in my current manuscript. I'm going to try priming my subconscious before I sleep to see if the flow increases in the morning.

Enjoyment: Its what life is about. Yes, serious shit happens, it can't be avoided, but as long as I can find some small speck of something to enjoy, it leaves room for the light to come back home.

Essence: I like the succinctness of this word. Finding the essence of an event or a concept helps springboard art.

Entropy: Everything is falling apart, but it makes such wonderful abstract patterns as it goes.

Entice: Heeeere kitty kitty kitty... Muse as Cat.

Elder: One of my all time favorite bushes. The flowers make lovely pancakes and face tonic, the berries are delicious in pies and wines and jams... The wood makes a powerful wand.. it feeds all kinds of desireable critters, grows all by itself with no complaint anywhere there's a bit of a wet spot. Its got a soft pith in the center of each branch, so you can fashion a set of pipes from it. The entire plant is a gift. More can be learned of Elder lore here : Elder on Botanical.com

Erotic: a very sexy-sounding word, even without the meaning. Try saying it with an Eastern European accent. Luscious.

Exploration: How I spent almost every weekend when I lived in Japan. Hiking was my passion. I'd head out up a mountain (the trail began right behind my apartment) then get lost until noon, when I'd start to find my way home. One of my best encounters was a Samurai cemetary, filled with family markers in the shape of swords. The picture below is me, after climbing to the top of one of the mountains. *Happy sigh* Happy memories.

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