Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Packaging... Boxing. stuffing.. taping...

Yep, its time to package Ebay auctions again.. It comes around every week, and I don't really hate it, but it is time consuming. It IS fun to think about our books heading off overseas, or to small towns (population 124) or places I'll likely never see. Some of the books are going to libraries with pitifully small funding, Others to the special collections of large libraries (Once to the Smithsonian!). Some are purchased as gifts for local charities. A collection of Harlequin romances went to a nursing home, full of ladies who giggle while they read. :-} Others are sent to small communities in Alaska, to help them build a library.
Still, it keeps me in art supplies , pays for gas and some groceries, and helps out with a bill or two. Thanks to Oscar who does the actual post office trips, and who goes with me on book-buying expeditions!

Photo: A very happy Basil Kitty, who also appreciates Oscar :-}

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