Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wordplay B is For...

Blessings - I have blessings every day, and my days are always better when I take notice of them

Buttermilk - Yumm I love the stuff, especially with salt, a sprinking of freshly ground black pepper and lashings of dill.

Bartlby - as in It's saved my hiney on many an occasion

Boisterous - It sounds like what it means, and its loads of fun to be. Although not so much fun to be around.

Buddha - my cat, my baby. I adopted her when she was too young, (unknowningly) and had to feed her by hand, we bonded. (Photo below of Buddha all nipped out.)

Babushka - I just like saying it :-}

Baubo - one of my favorite Goddesses, a boisterous belly-bareing bawd :-}

These are all that come to mind, I may add a few later.


Kirsty said...

I love that your b list included babushka! that is a grea word!
And the wonderful pic of the cat, o to sleep as happy and peaceful as that, eh?



Diana Troldahl said...

I sleep pretty deeply after catnip tea, come to think of it :-}