Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Cornucopia of Greens

This morning we HAD to thin the lettuce towers, along with some radishes, turnips, peppercress, and possibly other items.  The Spinach in the towers had finally fully Bolted so it was weeded out.  We may have a little spinach from the second container before it bolts, as I read on one article that the later you plant it the longer it takes to bolt.

Anyway, we didn't actually harvest any full plants...  well, there were maybe a half dozen that were growing in the wrong place, like a Tango growing in the Bronze Beauty section or something, and there were a few places where the plants were so thick that a couple got pulled entirely to leave room for the others, but overall this was just thinning a few leaves off of each lettuce plant, cutting some peppercress, and thinning some radish and turnip beds.  I put the gallon jug there for size context.  We will be sharing with family and friends, as we already got a head of lettuce from our CSA on Thursday, so we currently have a bounty!

We were somewhat disappointed in the spinach.  If anyone in the north here has suggestions for a spinach variety that produces greens for a month or more instead of a few weeks we would be interested to hear about it.


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