Thursday, May 10, 2018

So the squirrel(s) have visited the garden again.  I don't think they even ate anything... the first picture shows that they dug a hole between the only two plants that are planted there (they already stole the parsley that had originally been the third plant - maybe they were looking for it again?), and the plants in the other two containers are small enough that the holes they dug wouldn't have been needed.  Either they just like doing damage or they buried something of their own in my dirt because it was easier than digging in the yard.

Oh well, the lettuce is doing well enough that tomorrow will be another salad day!

And I finished digging the garden bed for the first section of pollinator garden - so in the morning I can plant my milkweed and a couple of other native (wild)flowers in an 8 foot wide bed.

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