Saturday, June 10, 2017

INSPECTION passed :-}

There are a number of small things to be fixed before move in can happen (we are getting an FHA loan) but there are no huge things wrong with the house! We will need to install some new windows, hopefully within the first year. Eventually we want to install an HVAC system instead of the 80/20 old furnace there now. Eventually we want to install a tankless hot water heater instead of the old water heater there now, and eventually, we want to install solar on the roof (our house is rated 75 for solar collection, awesome in Michigan)  BUT everything as is would be move-in able, the furnace and water heater are good for a while yet, and the 88 year old structure is sound and level, with hard wood floors and airy spaces.
We also will eventually replace the back porch 3-season room with a 4-season room, too.
Only a few details left before we can set a closing date.

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! Such wonderful news :-)

*Doing the Snoopy happy dance*