Saturday, March 25, 2017

Small Purchase, Big Bonus

Oscar and I make tea every morning. He doesn't like coffee and I can't drink it any more. We have found the least expensive tea is to buy it loose-leaf. (about half the cost of buying the equivalent amount of Lipton tea bags) It also happens to taste wonderful (we like Kenilworth). We used to use double walled steel carafes to make our tea each morning, but a few months ago we invested in a Gourmia. Now one pot heats itself up, can be programmed to the best temperature for the type of tea and if we want to heat up tea after the pot has cooled, it only takes seconds. It also holds enough tea for both of us instead of having to use the two carafes. (the model we got is currently unavailable, but they have newer models)


Anthony said...

Love iced tea, not a big fan of hot tea.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to start drinking tea again. I know there are a lot of health benefits. I'm a coffee girl myself