Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Weight Watchers is working. I stuffed my face every day to make the points total, and when weigh day rolled around I had lost 2.5 pounds!
In other health news, I see a new doctor next week. One that is basically across the street from me, MUCH better than the 30 mile trip I had before.
Living here has been difficult, but after total rest for three days, the bruising around my abdominal mesh is at last subsiding. I guess I have been fighting depression triggered by not being able to do even as much as I used to (I have not crafted anything for almost two weeks, nor watched tv when on my own. Very unlike me!) I feel a bit better today, with the bruising gone, I think I can cook a little, then see how that goes. If it stays gone, I will add a bit more (maybe some housecleaning).
The unrelenting cold is getting to Oscar. I keep thinking a month from now, Spring will have begun.
I am blessed to live in a warm home with the man I love. (And Moonie cat, of course :-} )


Kym said...

That's great news, Diana -- both the weight loss success and the new doctor so close to home. This is a hard time of year. I have a bad case of winter BLAHs, too. This cold is unrelenting and miserable. Hang in there. Spring will come again. . .

AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

That snow makes for a lovely, lovely picture--and a temporary one. Spring will come, and soon.