Thursday, February 12, 2015

Settling in

We moved in three weeks ago tomorrow, and things are feeling more like home.
Our new vacuum cleaner arrived, with all this carpet that was a relief!
The air cleaner has taken care of the smoke smell, as far as I can tell, that, too is a relief.
I have been sick, mostly flu-like symptoms but nothing too horrible. I sleep a lot, which is the best way to get over stuff.
I have been writing reviews, and doing a little knitting and crochet. With the weather so cold, Oscar really needs the vest I have on the needles, so that is my priority right now.
Otherwise, things are slowly being put into their places, and order is emerging from chaos.


Kym said...

So glad you're feeling more at home in your new space! Take care of yourself -- and stay warm!!! XO

Larry Brannon said...

It’s nice to know that things are turning out fine for you guys. I’m sure things are going to be a lot better soon. Anyway, congratulations on the new vacuum cleaner! I myself find those equipment really useful. Thanks for sharing this post with us, Diana. All the best!

Larry Brannon @ LeonardBrushAndChemical

Anonymous said...

It's DaWoluf. Harold is on his third year cancer free. Fiona Lavyah Cat is cattin' about. and I still wear the gloves you knitted. I miss you

I'd say you have my e-mail addy.