Monday, January 12, 2015

Day After Tomorrow!

Day after tomorrow we sign the new lease and I see our new apartment for the first time.
We busted butt this past weekend, packing 20 boxes, mostly of fragile special stuff.
I would guess we are between 75% and 80% packed, at least of the hard-to-pack things. Most of the rest of the stuff is the kind of thing you toss in a bin (clothes, towels, pantry stuff, cookware)
Today Lynnie will be coming over, I think I'll ask her to help by getting down the fragile kitchenalia we don't use often (the wine glasses, some extra plates, a pitcher) then move on to packing whatever I can think of. There is a box of wooden items that needs packing up for example, and a few items in the craft room that can dwell in a miscellaneous box together.
We still have a week and a half here, so I can't pack TOO much pantry food but we can get a box of stuff packed from the pantry I bet. No way I will be opening up a new sack of flour or sugar, and we certainly can't use all the pasta, beans and such before we move. I bet we can pack a box of games, too.
Today I am cooking up a storm, so we can have easy meals for the next few days. This weekend we prepared some scalloped potatoes and Oscar made some pasta. that will provide lunch through Tuesday. I have a pot roast in the oven with taters and onions that is slated for Tuesday night supper and Wednesday lunch at least. Probably can get a breakfast squeezed out of it too, even though it is a small roast.
I have root veggies (carrots, onions, beets and parsnips) and Brussels sprouts all set to roast in the oven, with enough put back in the fridge to provide part of a meal on Thursday. I think Friday I will make some peanut sesame noodles with chicken for supper, that lasts well and can work for our lunch on Saturday.
From tomorrow on, Oscar will be working extra hard. He will load up the van with boxes, so when we sign the lease we can bring the first load in. Then this weekend he hopes to move bigger things with the refrigerator dollies (dressers, etc)
I plan to work hard every other day, resting between. We will both be exhausted by the end of the month, but it will be worth it.

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