Wednesday, January 07, 2015

8 Days and Counting, and Cold

We are farther along than either of us hoped to be, but still, plenty to do before the big move.
MOST of the packing from the hallway back (my studio, the bedroom, the bathroom, Oscar's storage closet) is done. Only the kind of stuff that can be shoved in a box last minute to be unpacked the first day is left out.
This weekend we will focus on the living room, dining room and kitchen. Not a lot to be packed in the kitchen, again, the kind of stuff that gets packed and unpacked the same day, mostly.  Then there are the contents of the drawers in the TV cabinet/sideboard (but those, too are immediate need/pack-then-unpack kinds of things.)
The living room and dining room have cabinets with displayed fragile stuff and other treasures that take time and care to safely move,I am not much help there, except in wrapping. Oscar is the one that needs to grab the stuff then tuck it in the box, but we will see how much we get done on Saturday. If we do very well, I hope we can take Sunday to relax. It will be the last full day of relaxation left for Oscar this month. Beginning next Thursday, he will be moving boxes and smaller furniture items from the old to the new space every single day. After the big moving day the 23rd (and 24th and 25th), we will be returning to the old space on the 31st if need be. I'm hoping we can finish on the 25th.
Unpacking will go smoothly. I can tackle a box or three a day, and get quite a bit done.
We will need to tape cardboard pathways over the carpet so I can get around the apartment on my own without exhausting myself. Eventually we will save up for the fancy schmancy vinyl carpet protectors but cardboard will work in the meantime. The new space is not handicap accessible. But it is close! Close enough I can make do. (having two tables that are the right height for my wheelchair means I have plenty of counter and work space.) There is a lot I won't know until we arrive. For example if the control knobs on the stove/oven are at the back instead of on the front, that will be a problem. Maybe I can find a really good reach-extender to allow me to turn them.
The kitchen itself is spacious and L-shaped which bodes well. I hope the sink has an extendable/pull out faucet like the one here, if not, it is around $100 for one at Home Depot, depending on what conformation the sink has.  I have actually done some successful faucet installation in the past, so feel confident I can do so if need be, with the able assistance of Oscar.
I will be checking to see if the bath tub has a hand-held shower head, if not that needs to be purchased pretty quickly!
Oscar saw an apartment when he checked the place out, but neither of us has seen the apartment that will be ours, and won't until the 15th. I have a list of things to check out that first day, like where in the living room there is an outlet so I can plug in my lift chair. LOTS of details.
Just a few weeks from now the hard part will be done.

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