Monday, December 22, 2014

Coming Together

Almost every detail is done for our move next month. We need a receipt for paying January's rent at the old place, we need to be certain we have the necessary funds for the 15th (day we sign the lease) and we need to finish packing. I finalized the moving company and the reservation of the freight elevator this morning for January 23rd. Some very nice folks at M & K Moving and Delivery will be showing up to move the heavy stuff and any boxes we have not yet moved ourselves.

Having spent just shy of $1,000 on unexpected vehicle repairs in December, we will need to be extra careful and probably need to borrow more to make the total for the move, but such is life. Again, we are very blessed to have family who can help.
The most wonderful thing about the move is that the new apartment will be much less expensive, enabling us to be financially sound again. Not only isthe rent $350 less per month, our heat and water bills will be covered by the apartment complex (here they cost us around $120 a month.) Add in Oscar being closer to work, and gas and vehicle wear and tear is also reduced. We will be able to save money toward any future vehicle repairs and pay back the loans from family fairly quickly, thank goodness.

Another terrific thing is that soon Oscar's job will be focusing on the hospital that is just across Nine-mile road from our new apartment. It will take him less time to walk to work than to use the car while they are there (probably for six weeks or so, I gather). This is slated to happen sometime in January :-}
My afghan is coming along, I have three more rounds of crochet before the edging is done, then some ends to weave in. You can see Moonie testing it out there near my feet as I work on the edging.
Basil is not well. We think she may have had a stroke. She is eating again, though, and responding to petting, but her legs are still quite wobbly. Good thoughts welcomed!

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