Sunday, November 17, 2013

Roasty Toasty Cabbage and ?

Os and I both love cabbage. I have seen a few different recipes out there and none seemed quite what I wanted, so I decided to cobble one together for myself.
Allrecipes dot com link to the recipe in case you are a member

1 cabbage (medium or large)
two large or 4 small smoked sausages (about a poundish)
1/4 cup vinaigrette-style salad dressing
Aluminum foil
large baking sheet or pan with lip

preheat oven to 350

Cut cabbage into eight wedges.
cut sausage into 8 pieces
Trim core from wedges.
place one cabbage wedge on large enough aluminum foil piece to wrap it completely later.
lightly drizzle or brush salad dressing on one side of wedge, turn, then do the other side.
I had some mustard/garlic/olive oil dressing left from making it last week, so I used that.
Place sausage on cabbage wedge and wrap package securely.
place packages on baking sheet (I used a big rectangular roaster.)
I was only able to fit four on at a time.
If your wedges are uneven, bake the smallest four wedges separately from the largest four wedges.
The time it takes to bake depends on:
1. the size of your cabbage (that is not a euphemism)
2. the texture you like.

We baked the small wedges for an hour, and they were still a bit chewy. We will bake the largest four wedges for two hours, and next time we have small wedges we will cook them for 90 minutes. We like our cabbage with some caramelization going on.
This has to be one of the least expensive main dishes we've made. We got at least two very generous dinners (we each had two small wedges... pretty sure I can't eat two large wedges)  for less than $5. If we'd added a starch (potato, noodles or maybe a slice of rye bread) a single small wedge would have been enough.
You could also use a larger piece of sausage if you like. Our local grocery smokes their own meat, so we had some very intensely smokey polish sausage and the small piece you see in the photos gave plenty of flavor.

You could:
use bacon (it will cook along with the cabbage)
use butter and no meat (might want to lower the roasting temp)
Use an Asian dressing and add a small piece of chicken breast or some lean pork
I also want to try a sweet and sour version, like Scandanavian-style Christmas cabbage.

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