Friday, October 18, 2013

Lovely Local Outing

Since it is healthy for both Oscar and I to get away from work and home and just be, we have decided to visit local parks once a week when the weather is fairly decent, and to visit other places when the weather is poor.
Oscar had a half day off today so we decided to visit a local park for a casual picnic. We had a winner on our first try. Heritage Park had a circular pavilion with benches inside, fully accessible and sits in a bend half surrounded by a pond. We had a nice time watching the ducks and geese bathe, eat and generally enjoy themselves.
I took some photos (including a couple of interesting statues).
After Heritage Park we visited the location of a farmer's market to see if it had a good surface for my electrical chair, and it does. We plan to go on Sunday morning. We also scouted a nearby park and decided it was ok, but Heritage Park was better for our purposes.
Next week, weather permitting we will explore another park or two. There are around 10 parks in Canton proper, with many more in the outskirts and nearby towns.


Don Meyer said...

Oh, so good that the two of you could get out together! Fascinating sculptures.

Anonymous said...

What a great plan!

AlisonH said...

Very cool. And what a beautiful place to start.