Monday, October 07, 2013

Long ago doll

I used to make my own dolls when I was young. When I was visiting Mom and Dad this past weekend, Mom gave me a doll I made when I was about ten years old. I remember asking my great aunt Ruth for the hankie used for the doll's skirt and top. I find it remarkable that I painted her face. No one I knew painted dolls' faces on back then (this would have been 1972 or so). I also didn't bother to make arms, just sewed hands on the ends of her bloused sleeves. Her legs aren't really fused together, she was intended to be a blonde Gypsy mermaid.
I was very happy to see her again, and now she holds pride of place on one of the shelves of our china cabinet.


Don Meyer said...

Aha! a doll of a doll! You are a lady of many talents.

CCK said...

Love this, I remember those hankies. I have one of my moms that is very similar. Thanks for the memories.

Kym said...

Awesome! How fun to have her back with you. (Bet the memories just FLOODED back.)