Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catching Up

Wow, I guess I was on summer vacation!
I think this is the longest I've gone without posting a blog.
Not sure what was up although my life is having minor slow-moving changes, toward the better, but still things that need adjustment.
I guess rather than give a timeline (which my brain isn't really wired to do) I will just talk about things that have happened over the past month.

Oscar had his 53rd birthday, we celebrated a week late so his family could come down. This was the first real gathering with meal we have had at the apartment and it went really, really well. One of my neighbors comes about once a week to help do the floors (makes a HUGE difference in keeping the dust and cat hair under control) and she came a second time before Oscar's party to help me get the kitchen in shape.
We served smoked salmon, brown rice and a simple salad. Oscar's mom brought her wonderful rhubarb crisp with hand made cherry and gooseberry sauces! It was so good!

Here is a pic of Oscar getting ready to blow out his candle :-}

The photo was taken with my new phone. It had been more than three years and my old phone just wasn't working well. I got the new one for free through our cell phone plan and I like it quite a bit.

We also made a decision this past month to sell my van and use the money to buy a car with a comfortable ride and a trailer hitch, and hopefully also a little cart to use to carry my electrical wheelchair. No movement past the decision on that one, but it is definitely on the list to accomplish sooner rather than later.

Oscar has started college full time while working full time.
He is attending online classes at Western Governors University. There is definitely a learning curve regarding where to fit study time going on these days, but I have faith it will work out.

Now that the house is in better order, I can have the craft group meet here. I had to miss 4 out the the past five meetings, 3 of those times because of rain. I can't use my electrical chair when it is raining.

Tonight will be the first meeting in the apartment, but no one has confirmed they are coming yet.

I recently looked at my clothes (which I have had for at least two years) and realized they are in sad shape, so I used part of my check this month to buy some new ones! The first batch (dresses) arrived and I am very pleased. The second batch will contain some slacks and a top. I will be stylin'!

I have met some more crafters here at the apartment complex. As it happens, one is coming over with her 4-year-old daughter in just a few minutes. I am teaching the little girl to finger crochet. I made some I-cord so she has a big enough strand to get a good grip on it.
Her mom is a knitter and stalled partway through a project I will help her with.
She is coming earlier to get extra help, and hopefully will come back either later tonight, or perhaps next week to meet some of the other people.

I will try to post at my more normal 3-5 times a week.
See you then!


AlisonH said...

Happy Birthday, Oscar!

Wait--then that might mean he was born on the same date as my sister? Cool!

Marietta said...

That's all positive news! You've been very busy.

Kym said...

So many good things going on in your life! Enjoy! (And happy birthday wishes to Oscar, too.)

Don Meyer said...

Hey! Good to hear from you! Glad to know you've been keeping busy, and I expect that the other crafters will appreciate your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Oscar -- my husband turned 53 last week too!!!