Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On the Needles

I have a few projects going, not too many. One is a crochet pattern I am calling 'Granny Lace' that will make a simple, homey shawl/wrap.
The other is a sweater for Wool-Aid using some yarn I unraveled from squares sent to me from a fellow Wool-Aid Ravelry member. The squares were slightly different sizes and rather than make a wool-aid blanket (which are difficult to ship and not as useful) I asked her if I could use the yarn to make a sweater.
 I am using a sweater pattern created by another Wool-Aid member, called the Scrap Wrap Shawl-Collared Sweater. I am pleased with my progress so far. I made the chunky Malabrigo stripes 5 rounds high, and interspersed them with a couple of neutral worsted weights held together (one grey, one taupe).I have other green, brown, grey, pinkish and maroon yarn to use for more stripes in the body as well as the sleeves. I think I am going to like this one when I am done :-} I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of combining yarns on hand to create something new.


Don Meyer said...

Which project is the one in the photo?
Looks beautiful!`

AlisonH said...

That's really pretty!

Marietta said...

I'm a huge fan of shawl collared cozy! Love the yarn in the pic.

Kym said...

Love those stripes! Such a great - and unexpected color combination.