Friday, May 17, 2013

True Power

I was reading my friend Kym's blog today, catching up on a few older posts when I read about what a small group of women in Kalamazoo are doing. Women Who Care of Kalamazoo County. (The first link is to Kym's blog post, the second link is to a recent news article.) It appears to be one of a number of grass-roots efforts combining the power of simple organization and the universal idea that if lots of people give a small amount, it can have long-reaching impact for good.
The Kalamazoo organization meets once a quarter. Three local non-profit organizations each give a short presentation about their work. Then the women vote, and each of them write a $100 check to the winner.
At the most recent meeting, $19,000 was raised.
I encourage any of you who are prepared to donate money to charity to find or found a similar organization in your community. And I know men care, too. 


Don Meyer said...

Wow! What a marvelous idea!

AlisonH said...

Wow. Cool!