Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My New Toys

Last week I found telescopic gardening tools! This means (with the help of a grabber) I can plant the bulbs from the pots Oscar bought for us over the winter.
The tools extend anywhere from 25 up to 37 inches, no set distances between so I can make them exactly the right length for each job.

I got the trowel and the cultivator. Since we won't be putting in boxes this year, the mulched area below the bushes near our patio will be perfect for placing the bulbs. With luck they will bloom for us next spring :-}


Don Meyer said...

Telescopic, eh? Do they give you a better view of the moon? Seriously, that is really great! To be able to get out in the sunshine with something purposeful to do, and be able to do it!

Kym said...

COOL! I love them -- and I'm so happy you found them. What a delight -- to dig and claw and garden. With comfort!

AlisonH said...

Very cool! There is nothing in the world like seeing something grow and bloom that you put into the earth in happy anticipation.