Monday, February 11, 2013

Not a cold

We went to the doctor on Friday.
We don't have colds.
Oscar has an ear infection, I have tonsillitis and a sinus infection.
We both have antibiotics now.
I'm hoping to feel better next week, but at this point it feels like the antibiotics just made my infections angry. I promised Oscar I'd rest this week and give the pills time to work. I wish he could do the same.


AlisonH said...

Glad you've got the antibiotics, and I hope you both feel better very quickly.

Ria said...

I always feel worse before I feel better on antibiotics!

Hoping you feel better soon!

Don Meyer said...

You know what we do with people who are not well! We pray for good health! Get better NOW!

Anonymous said...

Oh, rats. Feel better!

JaM said...

Hosting the battlefield of microfauna war can be exhausting. Good that you have allies like that adorable knitted critter plus feline friend.