Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Paying it Forward, With a Twist

A Wool-Aid friend on Ravelry had a wonderful idea. She posted to her Facebook page that for everyone who commented with their favorite color(s), she would create a warm item for Wool-Aid.
I decided to do the same. Here is my version of her post:

Paying it Forward. A friend on Wool-Aid had a terrific idea which I am copying here.
Please comment and tell me your favorite color(s), and I will create, in your name and honor, a warm wool hat or other item which will be donated to my all-volunteer group Wool-Aid. Last year we supplied over 5000 wool items to kids in Afghani refugee camps, Tibetan earthquake recovery centers, Khazikistan orphanages, and Mongolian schools (among other cold poverty-stricken places). If two of you have the same colors, I will make a larger item in both your honor :-}
So please, post your colors and I will get busy :-} I may not have exactly the colors you list but I will do my best with what I have in stash.

I want to extend this idea to my blog. If you wish to support this, please leave a comment with your favorite color(s) and I will create something warm in your honor as well :-}

The photos here show some of the items I have made for Wool-Aid in the past. 


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. My favorite color is GREEN! :)

Deb said...

First let me say the photos of the items you have posted are just beautiful. My favorite colors are Purple and Aqua.

Don Meyer said...

Yesterday on Facebook I said 'blue', but today I like that multi-color one - second one down - red, green, and blue.

Tony said...