Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wool-Aid and Pine Ridge

A commentor asked for more information on Wool-Aid.

Wool Aid is a group that collects hand crafted items (made from 80% animal fiber or more) for various groups in need. The focus groups and items change since needs fluctuate. Sometimes we help out Mittens for Akkol, sometimes we send to Labrador, sometimes Afghanistan, etc. More information can be found at the Rav group HERE
Their are guidelines to follow (website) to ensure the items made can do the best possible job of keeping children warm.  More detailed guidelines are also available HERE (Ravelry group)
I love the group on Ravelry, so many warm and welcoming people!

If you are moved to help but do not craft, many of the boxes are shipped either within the US, to Canada or overseas. A donation toward postage can be accomplished following directions HERE

If you cannot work with wool and love to make afghan squares, Pam Little Sparrow Wingard does a marvelous job organizing gifts of blankets made for Pine Ridge Reservation. She and her family seam together THOUSANDS of squares to create almost 50 blankets a year, and are always happy to see more arriving. She will accept any size of square (most folks send either 6 or 12 inch squares) but the most stringent guideline is that the square does not have its ends woven in, even when changing colors. Always leave at least 4 inches of tail so she can weave in the ends as securely as possible.
Information about Pam's afghan projects can be found HERE at the yahoo groups site and HERE at Ravelry.
Information about Pine Ridge and the many ways other ways you can help is HERE. Some current drives at Pine Ridge include gathering items to help care for foster children, gathering Christmas gifts for children in foster care, teens and elders, winter coats for children, infant formula and diapers for the foster care agency, office supplies and other items for use by students at the Resident Opportunity for Self Sufficiency program and many, many more.The need is great. The most crucial current drive is to provide for many hundreds of foster care children in just a few months. Details on that drive can be found at the links below:
Christmas Gifts for Foster Care Kids
Christmas Gifts for Head Start Children
Infant Formula for Foster Children

The hat above is based on my Sis-In-Love's Keys and Coins hat pattern and was sent to keep a child warm earlier this year.

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