Saturday, October 27, 2012

Interesting Times

First, the chosen image has nothing to do with today's post, it's just a seasonal thing :-}
This has been a busy week for the Troldahl family.

Lynn of Colorjoy (Oscar's sister) coordinated and installed a display of handwork on trees in the Michigan State University gardens. I supplied a few pennants and others provided MORE pennants as well as scarves for the trees. I will link to a news story when one is published, for now some photos might be visible HERE.
If you are in the East Lansing area, a garden party with music and treats for adults and kids is starting at 2 p.m. More info is HERE (at the bottom of the page) it says parking is $5 but it is free on weekends with no home game (which is this weekend.) More photos, by Art Cameron are on the MSU website HERE

The largest (and scariest) event is that my mom in law, Liz ended up in the hospital and endured 2 emergency surgeries within 24 hours. She is recovering well and is out of ICU. (Yay!)

Oscar got some good news at work, no details until things are firmed up, but suffice it to say another dream is coming true. :-}

I have been plugging away at the reviews in between dealing with a slight cold/flu kinda thing. I am at thirteen for the month with a chance at a few more before the 31st.

I ended up doing a quick unexpected review for a book by one of my favorite authors, which is fun. It helps me feel better about being behind. Yes, I have book reviews overdue, but I am also able to step up and do 'emergency' reviews upon request for many genres. I don't review horror or 'modern literature' or even 'chick  lit'. (quotey things are not derisory, just indications of them being labels not all folks use.) I avoid romantic suspense but contrarily love urban fantasy. And although I have no attraction to some time periods, I enjoy historical romance set in the Georgian, Regency and Victorian eras when set in Great Britain.
I enjoy cozy mysteries when the plot does not depend on the main character being 'too stupid to live' i.e. making decisions obviously not safe or motivated by anything more than curiosity. Yeah. I'm judgmental that way.

Anyway in other news, Oscar and I were delighted to discover a brand of easy to prepare healthy main dishes that we can both eat. It will cut out the temptation to order take out when we are having difficult or busy days. Bell and Evans frozen chicken stuff is excellent in flavor, low in weight watcher points and made with the minimum of ingredients making them ideal. The cost is approximately 50% (or less in some cases) of the cost of ordering take out at the least expensive place near here.


Don Meyer said...

Busy, busy! Sorry to hear about your mom-in-law, but you indicated she is recovering.

I LOVE that cartoon. Unless you object, I will use it with my Halloween posting, which consists of some photos, a scary joke, and Diana willing, the cartoon.

My, you do keep busy. Doesn't give you time to be bored. I had my 6 month assessment at Avenidas yesterday. One of the questions the social worker asked was'Am I ever bored?' My answer: I don't have time.

AlisonH said...

I know how wonderful it is to find a good food everybody can enjoy. Cool.

And that is one happy tree!

Deb said...

Love the cartoon its so today :-)

The tree with all the flags, pennants is quite clever.

I enjoy a good mystery, a cozy mystery can be a good read but like you I really detest a too stupid to breath main character and lately just about every other book has that type of character.

I hope you are safe from the reaches of Sandy. Have a great day.