Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Day and Interesting News

This habit I'm building of presenting myself to the page every morning for the purpose of writing is paying off. Today I wrote a review of a book I finished reading last night AND finished off a roughed out review that had been waiting around for a few weeks. Two in a day is a rare occurrence but I have hope it will happen at least a little more often. I proceeded to work on a third roughed out review but my mojo seems to have drained a bit.
I have some craft work I want to do, mostly weaving in some ends and starting a nice pair of classy fingerless mitts for Oscar to use at the office but the light near my chair seems a bit dim today. Maybe if I can figure out how to place a table lamp nearby I can work some on those items. I want to get the ends woven in and the pieces ready to ship to Wool-Aid so they can be used this winter.
If it is beyond what I can do from the chair, I have some pennants that need not be finished perfectly (in fact, dangling ends are a plus) for my sis-in-love, LynnH of Colorjoy. She has been commissioned to coordinate and install some urban art in the form of crafted units displayed on trees in the Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens. Full details are available HERE and  HERE. The second link is to the Facebook page for the project, in case you are interested in following along or joining us. If you are not local, Lynn provides a mailing address at the first link where you can send a pennant or more to join in the fun and be part of the art :-}
(image is of a similar art installation in Europe)


Don Meyer said...

Just keeping at it seems to be working, so the best of luck in all your ventures.

AlisonH said...

I can't wait to see how your and Lynn's yarnbombing turns out. Dangling Ends could be a powerful metaphor of itself.