Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This morning I finished that review I worked on yesterday, then wrote a line or two on some other rough drafts.
I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. For me, insomnia is the enemy of clear thought. For some folks they write best when staying up late.
I had trouble getting to sleep because I was a little nervous. I think I finally dropped off about 3 a.m.
Today was a big day for me; for the first time ever maids came to clean my home. I confess, I loved it. They sent two very nice young women who emphasized they will do any and everything I ask to make my life better, even help me sort through boxes and put things away! It is wonderful to sit here in a clean apartment and I am looking forward to their next visit. I can afford them every two weeks, and if I can work the finances I may increase that to weekly.
I also decided to try out my double ended Tunisian crochet hooks, going through a specific stitch dictionary.
It is slow going as Basil kitty wants to sit on the book. She's a very good cat, but not very transparent.
I had to rip out the last bit a few times, maybe it's time to switch to something more simple, like just reading one of the review books.
Oscar will get off work about five p.m. and will be picking up my new glasses on his way home. I love it when we can have supper together.
I really need to take some photos, I have several projects (and my new glasses) to show off!
I also want to take some 'before' photos of the apartment. On October 13th, Sis-in-love Lynnie is coming to help us paint the walls. Currently they are kind of a wet sand color, brown, not golden.
We want them light and bright to catch and hold the sun this winter, a shade just to the sunny yellow side of white in a satin finish.
After that we can get the furniture established and the living room and dining room the way we want them to be.
I think we will go shopping for paint and floor lamps at Lowe's this weekend.


AlisonH said...

Basil kitty is very transparent: Pay attention to ME, Mommy!

Love that you go some help and that things are coming out so well.

Leslie said...

I love that your Basil acts just like our Pan. I want to see you new glasses and yes, isn't having a maid come in a lovely thing.

Momtroll said...

I am so happy you are able to have someone come in to clean. Life is so much better when everything is in order and clean. You will be able to whizz around and have time for things you really want to do.

Don Meyer said...

Having cleaning help is definitely a blessing! I have had help for many, many years, and could not manage without it. And your painting plans sound great!