Thursday, May 03, 2012

Revised Cloud Pattern - photos

Just a quick update, Oscar had the penultimate interview for a job today, we find out tomorrow if he makes it to the final step. It is tailor made for Oscar's love of learning and teaching.

Mostly, though this post is to show you the photos of a redesigned pattern, one of the first I ever published. The yarn originally used was discontinued and I took the opportunity to 1. re-write the pattern so it has two options, one ruffly one not and 2: knit it up in two different yarns.

Here are the photos. As soon as I have a clear minded morning I will get some new patterns up! :-}


Anonymous said...

hi Diana
Nice patterns! i love the coral color. Have been checking in periodically hoping for some happy news for you guys.

~~~ sending happy vibes from Ohio ~~~

Martha :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on the job news!!!

Don Meyer said...

Yeah, I like the coral color, too.
Best of luck, Oscar. They're missing a bet if they don't hire you!