Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Progress is Promising

 Oscar and I spent much of the weekend delving into old boxes and an antique trunk full of memories, sorting and making decisions. It was rough, especially for Oscar who encountered the flag from his dad's funeral, the box he used for soap box derby (packed with dog tags and other Daddy memories) as well as his wedding ring from his first marriage. He lost his wife Kell so very young. All I could do was be there, listen and give hugs.
I am so proud of him. He took breaks from the intensity when he needed them then dove back in until we were finished. I know he is very glad that he was able to get through it. We plan to make a shadow box with some of his dad's things, and use some antique razors in a small bathroom display.
We also kicked around some ideas for displaying his favorite baseball-styled hats where they will be easy to use as well. Our goal is to find a way to display his collections and mine so that we can enjoy them more.
He has chosen some favorite tshirts loaded with memories that we will secure around squares of styrofoam and  mount to the wall. He also has a HUGE collection of many-sided dice made from interesting materials. I am brainstorming some kind of easily accessible display system where he can change out his favorites at will, and enjoy them much more than he can now while they are packed away in a tackle box.
Having greatly reduced our library, we will have more shelf space for such things.
Granted, our idea of library reduction may still be a lot of books for someone else.
We have:
My knitting/crochet/design/craft books
Oscars brewiana books
Our ethnic/religious/research/historical collection (including a 2-volume Oxford English Dictionary which we may sell.)
A really great collection of cookbooks, especially some antiques and some community cookbooks containing recipes our relatives contributed.
A few books that named me in the dedication (yes, I was and am delighted!)
Some 'Keeper' Magazines that need to be put in binders.
The books I am currently reading, and those waiting for reviews.

I imagine we will have books in just about every room :-}
We also (sparked mostly by Oscar) think we have figured out where Oscar can have a workspace in front of a sunny window in the main room yet able to be hidden when guests come.
I will also use the same general space for parking my electric wheelchair.
It involves (eventually) getting him a desk that folds up to look like a wardrobe or cabinet combined with something like a movable Shoji screen that will allow light through yet hide my chair from view.
Of course all that might change but it is very enjoyable thinking about it.

My job this week is to clean and bubble wrap framed items, including several photos of interesting relatives to hang in the hallway of the new place, which we will call the 'Rogue's Gallery'. Going through those photos was lots of fun, Oscar, his dad and his grandpa all have the same wicked twinkle in their eyes :-} I might also begin wrapping some small fragile dishes ready to pack.

I am coping better than I was late last week. Having a new home with freedom to come somehow makes the time spent in this home a bit more difficult. It helps tons to spend a little time planning how I hope to arrange our new home, and especially to think about the sun-filled windows and what plants we can grow inside and out.


Don Meyer said...

Ooh, so much fun making plans! They may change as things progress, but that's half the fun.

Momtroll said...

How absolutely exciting and wonderful. Have fun planning.

AlisonH said...

And the photo is perfect. Objects rapidly going into the view behind you may be closer, for the moment, then they will be appearing after all this is done.