Saturday, April 07, 2012

Having a Better-Than-I-Thought Day

I am sad about Buddha, and missed her about a thousand times so far today, but Momtroll was right in her comment, I feel very much at peace.
A friend sent me this lovely smile-producing video to me so I thought I would share.


Don Meyer said...

Yes, at peace.

I LOVED the video. I didn't realize that the otter was following the youngster until near the very end.

momtroll said...

How absolutly wonderful! A child can do something an adult would not dream of doing. Thank you for sharing.

Ria said...

Great video!!

When my daughter was ten or so - we were at the aquarium in Baltimore where she saw the otters swimming in a sort of underwater corkscrew.

She spent hours perfecting her "otter stroke" (little weirdo)

Phil said...


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AlisonH said...

Oh that is so, so cute! I had a penguin mimic me once like that, even throwing its head back and laughing when I did. I have loved penguins ever since, and you know that little one is going to love otters--like someone else I'm fond of.