Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ear Snuggling Hat in All Sizes

My newest pattern is now published on Rav, an expansion of the free Preemie-sized pattern.



This hat isn’t fancy. It’s not particularly fashionable or even very flattering. Its quirky charm lies in its wrap-around flap that keeps the ears and neck of anyone who wears it toasty warm.
The pattern is in five sizes from Preemie up to a generous 2XL, to let you snuggle the ears of anyone you know. The Aran / Heavy Worsted weight yarn makes it a quick knit, too.
Tiny/Preemie (Baby/Toddler, Small/Child, M/L, XL-XXL) measuring 
12” (14”, 16”, 18” 20”) Unstretched Allowing 2-4 inches negative ease, to fit head circumferences of
13-15” (15-17”, 18-22”, 22-24”)

(and don't you love how cute Oscar looks with the Preemie hat on his fist?)


Don Meyer said...

Oscar sure makes a handsome model!

Kym said...

LOVE that first shot! :-)

morewithles said...

Cute hat and super cute model!

LynnM said...

I think you should drop the not fashionable or flattering line in your note and let the reader decide, for two reasons. Firstly, if someone DOES think it's fashionable and flattering you've just insulted their taste and secondly, it's not purporting to be anything but functional no-nonsense basic hat that's suitable for all ages and both genders! It may not be the hat of choice for a fashionista trying to disguise a bad hair day but it's one she can put on when she goes out to shovel snow off the car before she does her hair (as I'm sure some snow bunnies have to do!) Plus, it's a good "guy" hat with a bit more interest than a beanie.