Thursday, March 01, 2012

Knitting Sessions

Oscar took some photos of charity sweaters I made last summer. I forgot when I handed him the bag I hadn't finished weaving in ends yet.  After that task is done, I will find out which among the charities listed by Wool-Aid is in most need at the moment and send them there. (link is to Ravelry group. Website is HERE )
After the sweaters (images below) I will try and get back to the new pattern-based knitting. Or work more on Oscar's knee high socks.

Before weaving in the ends on the sweaters, I am keeping my knitting pretty simple. As an offering to Sekhmet (Egyptian lion goddess of healing among other things) for watching over Buddha while she is suffering an inoperable nasal tumor, I decided to knit some bedding to be felted and donated to our local humane society. Such things as towels and pieces of blankets currently in the animal's cage are sent off with the adopted animals to their new home as a scent memory helping the critters to adjust in their new environment, so bedding items of whatever variety are  always needed. The ones I am making are felted and need not conform to a specific shape and size so they are fine to be washed and rewashed. The knitting will only felt down so much, until it becomes a stable size. Even if the edges curl a bit with multiple washes I find it makes a great place for a sleeping cat. Oscar will take photos of them before we donate them. I am working on #5, with possibly enough yarn for a sixth.I am shooting for a size at least 18 inches on each side, which equates to double stranded worsted weight knit on size 13 needles, cast on  63 stitches and knit every row (garter stitch) until they are about 1/3rd longer than they are wide. I will write a general pattern later, perhaps.


Don Meyer said...

Beautiful work! I was wondering, could you knit me a sweater to order? I'd pay for it, of course. My dark brown sweater shrunk so much that it will now fit a child. The catalogs don't have anything I want -- to go with khaki pants -- contrast.

AlisonH said...

Don, Don, Don, you have no idea...If you paid minimum wage it could still come out to hundreds of dollars.

Diana, those are adorable sweaters.

And Buddha is in the very best of hands. I wish her well on her journey.

Momtroll said...

How lovely to be giving such sweet sweaters to little ones. They will love having them.