Monday, March 05, 2012

I'm a Winner! (and a link to a fun website)

You may have noticed that I have a collection of links to blogs I favor. I change it up every now and then but I try and visit a few times a week. One of my favorite places to go for a cheer-up is Mochimochi Land. It is a special place created by Anna Hrachovec, designer of cuteness extraordinaire. Last week she had a caption contest and I was one of five winners! (details are in today's post at the Mochimochi link above). She also has a website (link on her name above) featuring artistic photos created from her installations of tiny fun critters, as well as some animations that ALWAYS brighten my day.
For my caption, I won a pdf pattern of Plinky and Plunky! (all images from Mochimochi Land, link to Ravelry pattern page)

One of my favorite patterns by Anna is the itty bitty gnome from Tiny Collections 3 (and there appears to be a Jumbo Gnome on the horizon, too) but then there are the Flap Jack Frogs pattern and the darling (and FREE!) Hearts pattern, but another of my favorites has to be Tubby.

Thanks Anna!!!


AlisonH said...

Cute patterns. I think if I did the tub one I'd have to figure out how to knit a tuba to go in it: one of the record albums of my childhood was Tubby the Tuba.

Don Meyer said...


Are those knit golf balls in the tub?

Kym said...

So adorable! :-)