Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Keepin' it Easy

This is a very strange time in our lives, waiting to find out what path is going to open up. I have found my choice of entertainment has changed radically. Now entertainment seems like a frivolous thing, and in my old life, 15 years ago it would have seemed so to me as well. Today, though I need to keep myself occupied with things that keep me from sitting upright too long, and especially from putting any weight on my right foot (while not putting any more than 10 pounds of pressure/lifting weight on my abdomen, so no crutches). At any rate, this means lots of time spent watching tv, reading and crafting. I used to love shows like Sanctuary, Eureka and many other science fiction shows. This winter as Oscar changed from studying to the job search, I could no longer watch anything with suspense involved. Even watching Agatha Christie mysteries seems close to my anxiety zone. So I have started watching the Ellen show again, some crafting shows, or most often just listening to a podcast while I knit or crochet.
The podcast I am listening too currently is from Knit Picks. I started from number one and am up to number 111 today. It is incredibly soothing. I plan to find a few more (not necessarily related to knitting or crafting ) and start listening to several different podcasts each week (suggestions of your favorites are welcomed!)
I didn't realize this until Oscar mentioned our DVR was up to 89% and I discovered I had not watched ANY of my usual Syfy Channel shows since last October. I just deleted them (and the recording of them) and will be switching to some more crafty shows. I guess I can only handle so much suspense in my life, and with real life suspense the fiction kind has lost it's appeal. I can still read suspenseful books, but only before the sun goes down. I wouldn't read them either, but I have an obligation to review several of them.
Anyway, perhaps I will watch the old shows again after things settle, but for now and the foreseeable future, easy does it!
I was also thinking that crocheting afghans is the fibery equivalent of comfort food like Mac and Cheese.
Buddha's nasal tumor is about the same, she still has plenty of energy and appetite, she just snuffles a lot. I am treasuring every moment with her in the meantime.


AlisonH said...

Thank heavens for all that which comforts in every form it may come. And thank you for comforting me today.

Anonymous said...

I am a knitting podcast junkie. I love the Knit Picks one. Some other excellent ones: Never Not Knitting, Stash & Burn and the new 2 Knit Lit Chicks. :)

LynnM said...

I loved how you noticed your entertainment tastes changing. I go through phases, too but they usually still involve a portion that is really dumb (game show or talk show) and something smart (high brow films or now BBC documentaries.) When there's more certainty in your life, I wonder if you'll return to fictitious suspense, or move onto something else that is lacking.
Describing the afghan as comfort food is adorable but I think it's more of a vermicelli with pesto, and Reggio Emilia parmesan. Posh Nosh knitting comfort.

Don Meyer said...

Yes, tastes do change. And I have to avoid things that have me putting weight on my LEFT leg!

Many years ago my wife made an afghan from a kit, and that is a great comfort to me now.

I'm no great lover of mysteries, but there is a lot of other GOOD fiction out there, along with much non-fiction.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you can focus on the positive. Let's hope your future will be known soon. If it takes a bit longer, a positive attitude helps all around. Bless both of you, Mom