Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Vote

I received a very important letter in my inbox this morning. Lene says it better than I could. I am including her letter in it's entirety. The third link leads directly to the specific vote site:

Hi there,

I am writing a mass e-mail for purpose. I know they're annoying and impersonal, but please hear me out…

Last year, I wrote a post for my blog about disability discrimination called Sensitive to the D-Word. This post has been nominated for the Canadian Blog Awards in the Best Blog Post category.

My post
Canadian Blog Awards
Best Blog Post

The entry that led the category in the first round of voting is from the popular tech blog Sync. They are entered with a post called "The Top 7 Facebook Profile Pictures That Epically Suck" illustrated with a couple of pictures of semi-naked women ( This entry appears to be pretty much a shoe-in to win the second round of voting and therefore the Best Blog post.

From a feminist - and well, dignified - point of view, one could take issue with this, but I don't need to win. I've won before and I'm not competitive enough that I have to win just because I'm nominated. However…

Disability issues don't get a lot of attention and disability discrimination hardly ever gets any press. In fact, many people don't even believe it exists. The advocate and activist in me would dearly love to see this issue be pushed more to the forefront and winning this category would do that. This is especially important since Canadian Blog Awards used to have a Disability Blog category, which was discontinued, as was the Chronic Illness Blog category.

People with disabilities and chronic illness are invisible. I am asking for your help in making them visible.

Would you consider voting? Would you consider asking others to vote? Polls are open until January 20 and you don't have to be in Canada to vote.



Lene's at


Don Meyer said...

Powerful message! But where do I vote?

AlisonH said...

Thank you, Diana.

Beverly Tilton said...

I voted !

illinois social security disability said...

We will vote.